Our Ministries


ABI OLUSOJI has God’s special grace and mandate to teach and minister on the value of time as the most important resource available to individual believers and to the greater body of Christ; the Church of the Living God.

Time is the capital asset of life. Time is the essence of life. Your time is your life and your life is your time! To achieve our individual and collective destinies as the body of Christ, we must understand the purposes of God for our generation and then employ and deploy time resource to actualize the greater purposes of God thereby becoming co-workers with God.

Based on this understanding, Abi has been researching, exploring and teaching the principles and concepts that drives the productive use of God’s time entrusted to us for more than fifteen years. Abi’s research interest on the subject of time resource culminated in the writing of his first classic on the value of time aptly titled; TAKETIME! a book that sold in multiple thousands and that now has a sequel appropriately titled; WHAT TIME IS IT?

THE TIME REDEMPTION CONFERENCES has today become the flagship of our teaching ministry to the nations. It is a going-teaching ministry impacting and transforming lives, restoring lost opportunities and targeted at challenging people everywhere to maximize the time resource each one has been gifted by the Lord.
The Lord continually confirms the call and teaching mandate with signs and wonders following His Word.


The Praying Parents Network is the ministry initiative of Adeyemi Olusoji, Abi’s wife and co-labourer of more than twenty years. Knowing that the raising of the next generation is the greatest challenge of our times, we thus have a compelling desire to preserve the coming generation unto godliness on the platform of a prayer covering.

This initiative hosts the monthly Family Prayer Hour where prevailing prayers are prayed and it also serves as a forum where parents network and share insights and experiences to help edify and build up each other in the parenting endeavour.
The ministry also organizes branded parenting workshops and seminars that enables the dissemination of tried and tested parenting principles geared toward empowering parents to succeed as parents after God’s heart.

Of course, we are open and available for speaking and ministry invitations all over the world.
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