Inspiration Point Today: The Lord of Time.

Text: My times are in your hands- Ps 31:15.

I perceive that there are a couple of people out there who think they’re losing out of something significant in life.

Folks, at times, life has no formulas!

We may do all we know to do and still not make significant progress with the journey of our lives.

Be encouraged! God isn’t constrained by time.

God knows your age, He’s also aware of how much time you have left. Stop being intimidated by what has or hasn’t happened yet in your life. God is the owner and creator of time and one day, the time of time would be over and we would eclipse into eternal life.

I pray for you that time would begin to work in your favour. Your age, whether great or small would begin to bring you good fortune. I pray for divine coincidences in your life in Jesus name!

…Having predestinated us according to the pleasure of His will… Eph 1:5. There are things we can force to happen by natural will. BUT when you’re entrusted with a divine mandate, it can only happen according to the pleasure of His will and within the context of divine timings. May we be empowered with grace to be sensitive to the divine mandates over our lives.

LivingWord Devotional:

Jesus; Centre of My Joy.

Text: John 16:33.

It’s a fallacy to seek for perfection in a broken world.

Your personal holiness and right standing with God does not excuse you from the troubles and the griefs of this material life. But, in the midst of our earthly struggles, we find deep joy and peace in the presence of our Master. For when Christ becomes your total focus in life, you qualify for joy unspeakable full of glory.


  • Take an inventory of your life.
  • Is Christ at the centre of your plans and aspirations?
  • If not, find your way back to the heart of the Master.

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