Inspiration Point Today: The Redemptive Purposes of Time

Text: Let those who suffer in the will of God commit their souls to Him… 1 Pet 4:19.

Every life is bound to experience different, difficult episodes in time as part of life’s journey.
Indeed, part of the time season we would endure as pilgrims on earth would include the “times of Jacob’s trouble” as we navigate the twists and turns of the journey of our individual destinies.

However, the good news is that as God’s kids, we are not abandoned, only kept aside for a short time, while the Father works out His greater purposes in our lives for the greater good.
Therefore, for someone out there today experiencing difficult seasons and dire circumstances, which may or may not be orchestrated by God, may He God, redeem the seasons of your waiting and as He did for Joseph, cause it also to end in praise for the greater glory of God.
Keep holding on and keeping it together.
God would use time to favour you!

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